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History Day 2008  -  General Information

History Day:  It's Not Just a Day, It's an Experience

"I urge every student in the country to compete in National History Day. It will not only teach you about history. It will teach you about you."   Gerald Schattle, NHD Winner

Welcome to History Day 2008:  Conflict and Compromise in History. You are about to embark on a journey that will take you to places you never imagined existed. There is no better way to enjoy school and to learn the important research, thinking, and writing skills necessary for future success than creating a History Day Project.

If you are a student in grades 6-12, you may enjoy the experience by producing an exhibit, a documentary, a website, a research paper, or a performance. If you are in grades 4 or 5, you are invited to create a poster. Any of these projects, except the research paper, may be completed by an individual or by a group of up to five students. All projects, no matter the category, must relate to this year's theme,

Remember, research is the most important part of creating a History Day entry. One National History Day winner wrote:

"I tell you no exaggerated truth when I say I visited every lump of logs and dirt in West Texas that could have been a fort. I interviewed park rangers, cactus, and jack rabbit.."

You simply can't do too much research when creating a History Day project.

What better way to meet California History-Social Science and English-Language Arts Content Standards than by producing a History Day project?

Enjoy your journey!

The Constitutional Rights Foundation, major sponsor and manager of the program in California has an informative website for you to visit: History Day in California

Find links here for students, teachers, and parents as well as topic ideas aligned to the California History-Social Science Content Standards for grades 4-12. If you have more questions, you can contact CRF directly by e-mail:

National History Day has outlined all the steps you need to follow in creating a History Day entry:

1. Learn about the 2007 theme: Triumph & Tragedy in History

2. Review the Sample Topic List
2007 Sample Topics

3. Then Follow this step-by-step process.
Creating a Project

4. Website and Poster Category project developers, keep your eye on the History Day in California page for all the rules and special information for these California only categories.

5. Find answers to
Frequently Asked Questions such as:
a. How do I count my words?
b. What's a primary source?
c. What's an annotated bibliography? And more.

6. Check out
A Research Roadmap for everything you need to know about researching your project.

Places to begin your research:

These History Day programs have especially good information for History Day project developers:

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Yreka California 96097

Phone: 530.842.8400
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